Museum in Kaikoura

Kaikoura Museum

Housed in a modern building designed to resemble a crayfishing pot, the Kaikoura Museum is one of NZ's best provincial museums. The region's geology and natural and coastal histories are illuminated with well-curate…
Wildlife Reserve in Kaikoura

Point Kean Seal Colony

At the end of the peninsula, seals laze around on the rocks lapping up all the attention. Give them a wide berth (10m), and never get between them and the sea – they will attack if they feel cornered and can move su…
Viewpoint in Kaikoura


At the northern entrance to the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway, overlooking the Point Kean Seal Colony.
Viewpoint in Kaikoura


Scenic lookout over the seal colony at the southern end of the Kaikoura Peninsula.
Historic Building in Kaikoura

Fyffe House

Kaikoura’s oldest surviving building, Fyffe House's whale-bone foundations were laid in 1844. Proudly positioned and fronted with a colourful garden, the little two-storey cottage offers a fascinating insight into t…
Farm in Kaikoura

Point Sheep Shearing Show

The 30-minute Point Sheep Shearing Show at the Point B&B is fun and educational. You can feed a ram, and lambs between September and February.
Viewpoint in Kaikoura


Scenic lookout over South Bay on the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway.