Inglewood restaurants

Cafe in Inglewood

Caffe Windsor

Inside a fire-engine-red 1878 heritage building is one of Inglewood's first shops. Caffe Windsor sells eggs and waffles in the morning, old-school burgers and sandwiches during the day, and red Thai chicken curry at…
Bakery in Inglewood

Nelson's Bakery

Inglewood is a noteworthy stop for a pie at Nelson's, and if you're about to head up Mt Taranaki, you're gonna need some fuel in the tank. The classics are there (think bacon and egg), but try the steak kumara, a NZ…
Seafood in Inglewood

Funkfish Grill

In need of a refurb, funky Funkfish is still one of the better options in Inglewood, serving fish and chips and burgers. Doubles as a bar at night. Swap fries for kumara chips.