While shopping in New Zealand generally falls on the 'practical and necessary' side of the ledger, worthwhile souvenirs include Māori arts and crafts (including gorgeous hand-carved jewellery), and, if you're feeling flush, prints from one of NZ's world-class landscape photographers. But the best buys are edible: farmers markets are terrific places to stock up on local produce (like kiwifruit jam and manuka honey), wine and beer.

Arts & Crafts

Māori arts and crafts are well worth seeking out, in particular exquisite jewellery and pounamu (greenstone) carvings. Museums often have fabulous gift shops where you can buy these keepsakes, and towns along the West Coast (especially Hokitika and Greymouth) have a rich seam of gallery-boutiques where you can watch artisans buff stone into shape. The big cities – Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington – also have superb commercial galleries where you can check out indigenous arts and crafts, and maybe take some home.