New Zealand is a mighty fine place to wine and dine. From country pubs to chic restaurants, the emphasis is on home-grown ingredients like lamb, seafood and venison, with a thriving vegetarian and vegan food scene to cleanse the palate. Dining choices depend on destination: you'll be spoilt for choice in Auckland while little seaside towns might have just a bakery and pub to pick from.

The Basics

Most eating options are casual walk-ups (pubs, cafes and takeaways) but book top-end restaurants well in advance.

  • Restaurants Open for dinner and lunch. 'Modern NZ' = locally sourced, top-quality fare with international influences.
  • Cafes Locally roasted beans, expert baristas, savvy breakfast-to-lunch food and family-friendly.
  • Takeaways Fish and chips, kebabs, burgers…the big internationals are here, but quality local outfits give them a run for their money.
  • Pubs & bars You can get a bite to eat at most Kiwi bars and pubs – from standard stodge to delicately wrought tapas and farmer-sized steaks.
  • Supermarkets In all sizeable towns – often open until 9pm.