Top things to do

Tapas in Greytown


A neat red iron-clad house on the main street, Saluté will suit you down to the ground if you like things saucy, succulent, crisp, charred and fried, along with lashings of olive oil and wedges of lemon. For non-sha…
Museum in Greytown

Cobblestones Museum

Occupying the site of an old coach stop, complete with its original stables and well-worn cobbled courtyard, this endearing museum comprises an enclave of transplanted period buildings and donated old-time objects, …
Vegan in Greytown

Food Forest Organics

The ecofriendly sentiments in Avatar weren't an aberration for director James Cameron. The Wairarapa local is a committed vegan, and this health-food-store-cum-cafe features many organic products from the Cameron Fa…
Sweets in Greytown

Schoc Chocolates

Housed in a 1920s cottage abutting the Cobblestone Museum, Schoc sells a wide range of truffles in unusual flavours (mango cardamom, pinot noir, caramel bitter). Plus there are chocolate bars, rocky road and peanut …
Bakery in Greytown

French Baker

Buttery croissants, tempting tarts and authentic breads – this artisan bakery is le real McCoy. Grab and go from the cabinet, or tuck into a ham-and-cheese croissant, soup or spaghetti bolognese, capped off with a s…
Toys in Greytown

Imperial Productions

A cute old-fashioned shop for a cute old-fashioned town, Imperial sells beautiful rendered traditional toy soldiers and other figurines. Keep an eye out for the tiny Māori warriors.
Monument in Greytown

Stonehenge Aotearoa

About 10km east of Greytown in a farmer's backyard, this full-scale adaptation of England's Stonehenge is orientated for its southern hemisphere location on a grassy knoll overlooking the Wairarapa Plain. Its missio…
Pub in Greytown

Greytown Hotel

One of New Zealand's oldest hotels (1863), the 'Top Pub' is looking tidy for its age. There are still simple rooms with shared bathrooms upstairs, while downstairs there's a cosy bar and a restaurant serving pub mea…