Cave in Takaka Hill

Ngarua Caves

Just below the summit of Takaka Hill (literally) are the Ngarua Caves, a rock-solid attraction karst in stone, where you can see myriad subterranean delights including moa bones. Access is restricted to tours – you …
Museum in Takaka

Golden Bay Museum

This small museum's standout exhibits include a diorama depicting Abel Tasman’s 1642 landing, and some dubious human taxidermy. Ask about the albatross, and look out for the whale skeleton currently on the cards.
Museum in Collingwood & Around

Collingwood Museum

The Collingwood Museum fills a tiny, unstaffed corridor with a quirky collection of saddlery, Māori artefacts, moa bones, shells and old typewriters.
Spring in Takaka

Te Waikoropupū Springs

The largest freshwater springs in the southern hemisphere and some of the clearest in the world, ‘Pupū Springs' is a colourful little lake refreshed with around 14,000L of water per second surging from underground v…
Viewpoint in Takaka

Grove Scenic Reserve

Around a 10-minute drive from Takaka (signposted down Clifton Rd), you will find this crazy limestone maze punctuated by gnarled old rata trees. The walkway takes around 10 minutes and passes an impressive lookout.
Beach in Collingwood & Around

Farewell Spit

Bleak, exposed and positively sci-fi, Farewell Spit is a wetland of international importance and a renowned bird sanctuary – the summer home of thousands of migratory waders, notably the godwit (which flies all the …
Beach in Collingwood & Around

Wharariki Beach

Remote, desolate Wharariki Beach is along an unsealed road, then a 20-minute walk from the car park over farmland (part of the DOC-administered Puponga Farm Park). It’s a wild introduction to the West Coast, with mi…
Cave in Takaka

Rawhiti Cave

The ultimate in geological eye-candy around these parts are the phytokarst features of Rawhiti Cave, a 15-minute drive from Takaka (reached via Motupipi, turning right into Glenview Rd, then left into Packard Rd and…