Deli in Geraldine

Barker's Foodstore & Eatery

Relocated in late 2019 to include an excellent cafe and boutique accommodation, Barker's is a long-standing producer of favourite fruity preserves, including raspberry jam, tamarillo chutney and cherry juice....

Burgers in Geraldine

Running Duck

This hip burger joint is the perfect setting to feast on tasty gourmet burgers and crispy fries, topped with chef Al's special spicy sauce. There's a fridge full of NZ craft beers and an adjacent food truck open...

Deli in Geraldine

Talbot Forest Cheese

This little shop not only showcases the plethora of cheeses made on-site (including delicious Parmesan- and Gruyère-style ones), it doubles as a deli with all you need for a tasty picnic. Fans of funky cheeses...

Cafe in Geraldine


Down the lane beside the old post office and set in beautiful gardens, this excellent cafe is one of Geraldine's best eateries. Drop in for coffee and cake, or linger over a lazy lunch of salads, soup, sandwiches...

Market in Geraldine

Farmers Market

A good one-stop shop for stocking the larder or prepping for a picnic. Local produce, much of it organic, includes honey, berries, pickles, smoked meats and veggies galore.

Forest in Geraldine

Talbot Forest Scenic Reserve

On the town’s northwestern fringe, Talbot Forest Scenic Reserve is a good place for a peaceful wander. Leafy delights include lofty kahikatea (white pines) and a massive tōtara estimated to be around 800 years...

Museum in Geraldine

Geraldine Vintage Car & Machinery Museum

Rev-heads will enjoy this lovingly maintained vintage car collection, featuring a 1907 De Dion-Bouton and a gleaming 1926 Bentley. There's also a purpose-built Daimler used for the 1954 royal tour, plus some very...

Cinema in Geraldine

Geraldine Cinema

Snuggle into an old sofa to watch a Hollywood favourite or an art-house surprise at this ageing dame, built in 1924. There's also occasional live music, usually with a folk, blues or country spin.

Museum in Geraldine

Geraldine Historical Museum

Occupying the photogenic Town Board Office building (1885), this cute little museum tells the town's story with an eclectic mix of exhibits, including an extensive collection of photographs.