Eating around Fiordland and Southland inevitably means pub meals, pies and hot chips. While Te Anau and Invercargill stand out for their comparative wealth of cuisines, the food scene is generally casual. It's well worth seeking out local produce like Bluff oysters, Stewart Island salmon and Fiordland venison. It never hurts to have non-perishable snacks in your backpack or car, for times when the one restaurant for miles is closed.


Bluff oysters Succulent bivalves are eaten with gusto from late March to late August.

Wild Fiordland venison Far-roaming game scoffed as steaks, sausages and pies.

Stewart Island salmon Mouthwatering smoked fish from the ends of the Earth.

Southland cheese roll White bread oozing melted cheese; toasted then gobbled quickly.

Swedes Southland claims to grow the sweetest root vegies in NZ.