Must-see restaurants in Auckland Region

  • 7 Siri Taste of Sri Lanka

    The highlight is the 'lump rice', a prosaically named but very tasty array of curries cooked with spicy rice in a banana leaf.

  • Hardware Cafe

    This popular licensed cafe serves cooked breakfasts and lunches, along with tempting counter food.

  • Hansan

    A branch of a small local chain serving good-value, authentic Vietnamese food.

  • Burgerfuel

    An excellent homegrown gourmet burger chain, with branches all over the city.

  • Revive

    Vegetarian heaven with an enticing salad bar and economical daily meal deals.

  • Burgerfuel

    Gourmet burgers, including some good vegetarian options.

  • Burgerfuel

    A good central city option for gourmet burgers.

  • No 1 Pancake

    The constant queue outside tells you all you need to know about this hole-in-the-wall eatery. It does only one thing and it does it well: delicious crispy…

  • Plume

    Plume has rural views from its terrace and an adventurous menu that jumps from China to Spain by way of Thailand and India. Culinary ambition in the…

  • Shaolin Kung Fu Noodle

    Roughly cut hand-pulled noodles are the speciality here, with a menu that leans towards the flavours of China's Henan province. Also a few Chinese Muslim…

  • Remedy Coffee

    Quirky inner-city spot with excellent coffee, average-looking counter food, made-to-order bagels and sandwiches, and the old-school thrills of a book…

  • Stonewall Store

    In the heart of Tryphena, this well-stocked grocery shop doubles as the bakery, gift shop and post office.

  • Countdown

    A large 24-hour supermarket at the bottom of town.

  • New World

    A large supermarket with long opening hours.

  • Asahi

    OK for a sushi fix, with good bento boxes.