For listings, check the New Zealand Herald's Time Out magazine on Thursday and again in its Saturday edition. Tickets for most major events can be bought from Ticketek, with an outlet at SkyCity Theatre, and Ticketmaster at Spark Arena and the Aotea Centre. iTicket handles a lot of smaller gig and dance party tickets.


Most cinemas offer cheaper rates on weekdays before 5pm; Tuesday is usually bargain day.

Theatre, Classical Music & Comedy

Auckland’s main arts and entertainment complex is grouped around Aotea Sq. Branded Auckland Live (, it's comprised of the Town Hall, Civic Theatre and Aotea Centre, along with the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna. The new ASB Waterfront Theatre in Wynyard Quarter is home to the Auckland Theatre Company.

Pasifika in Auckland

There are nearly 195,000 Pacific Islanders (PI) living in Auckland, making it the world’s principal Polynesian city. Samoans are by far the largest group, followed by Cook Islanders, Tongans, Niueans, Fijians, Tokelauans and Tuvaluans. The biggest PI communities can be found in South Auckland and pockets of West and Central Auckland.

Like the Māori renaissance of recent decades, Pasifika has become a hot commodity for Auckland hipsters. You’ll find PI motifs everywhere: in art, architecture, fashion, homewares, movies and especially in music. The annual Pasifika Festival in March is a wonderful two-day celebration of Pacific culture.