Cafe in Auckland Region


This funky little spot features home-style baking, good coffee, and interesting fare like menemen (Turkish baked eggs) and breakfast bruschetta. Scour the stacks of cool magazines inside or chill in the compact gard…
Cafe in Auckland


This stylish shoebox crams in a disparate crowd of corporate and fashion types, Ponsonby denizens and travellers. There's a Jewish influence to the food, with tasty Israeli platters, chopped liver, bagels and chicke…
Cafe in Auckland Region

The Fridge

Gourmet pies, healthy salads and wraps, and drool-inducing cakes.
Food Hall in Auckland Region

Ponsonby Village International Food Court

Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese, Turkish, Thai, Lao and Indian flavours all on offer, and excellent Vietnamese and Indonesian.
Food Hall in Auckland Region

Food Alley

There's Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Malaysian, Korean and Japanese all on offer at this no-frills food hall.
Cafe in Auckland


Kiwiana reigns supreme at this eccentric corner cafe with one wall devoted to a 1950s paint-by-numbers Māori maiden mural. The food is a step up from standard cafe fare, with an adventurous menu (kedgeree, Turkish e…
Cafe in Auckland

Takapuna Beach Cafe

Sophisticated cafe fare combined with excellent views of Takapuna Beach ensure that this cafe constantly buzzes. If you can’t snaffle a table, grab an award-winning ice cream – our favourite is the salted caramel – …
Cafe in Waiheke Island


If you're bored with eggs Benedict, try one of the piquant breakfast tagines at this stylish cafe-mezze bar. Paninis, wraps and salads are served along with more traditional mezze, and the views are just as tasty.
Cafe in Great Barrier Island

Wild Rose

Wild Rose does the best impersonation of an Auckland cafe on the island, albeit with the addition of local crowd-pleasers such as toasted sandwiches and burgers. It uses free-range, organic and sustainable local pro…
Cafe in Great Barrier Island

Claris Texas

While it doesn’t live up to the promise of its quirky name, this is the best gap filler in the centre of the island, serving cooked breakfasts, nachos, salads and pies.