Top Choice House in Dunedin


Although it's a youngster by European standards, this spectacular 1906 mansion provides a wonderful window into Dunedin's past. Entry is via fascinating guided tours; it pays to book ahead. There's also a pretty lit…
Top Choice Architecture in Napier

Daily Telegraph Building

The Daily Telegraph is one of the stars of Napier's art-deco show, with superb zigzags, fountain shapes and a ziggurat aesthetic. If the front doors are open, nip inside and ogle at the painstakingly restored foyer …
Architecture in Napier

National Tobacco Company Building

Around the shore at Ahuriri, the National Tobacco Company Building (1932) is arguably the region’s deco masterpiece, combining art-deco forms with the natural motifs of art nouveau. Roses, raupo (bulrushes) and grap…
Architecture in Wellington


Office workers swarm around the distinctive modernist Beehive (1980), which is exactly what it looks like, and which forms part of NZ's parliamentary complex. It was designed by British architect Sir Basil Spence. C…
Notable Building in Wellington

Parliament House

Wellington's austere grey-and-cream Parliament House was completed in 1922. Next door is the 1899 neo-Gothic Parliamentary Library, as well as the modernist Beehive; across the road is the Government Building.Free o…
Architecture in Auckland

University Clock Tower

The University Clock Tower is Auckland's architectural triumph. This stately ‘ivory' tower (1926) tips its hat towards art nouveau (the incorporation of NZ flora and fauna into the decoration) and the Chicago School…
Architecture in Hastings & Around

Westerman's Building

The Westerman's Building is arguably the Bay's best example of the Spanish Mission style. Hastings i-SITE is here too.