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REMEMBER WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU COULDN’T DO IT. WHEN YOU WERE TOO NERVOUS, TOO TIMID, TOO SCARED. THIS WAS NOT FOR YOU. YOU WANTED TO BACK OUT. BUT YOU DIDN’T. YOU TOOK A DEEP BREATH AND STEPPED FORWARD. BECAUSE IF YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.This is our unique Freestyle Bungy. The full body harness allows you to run, jump, twist, flip and spin off the Ledge. Choose from the Jump Menu, such as Superman-style, Matrix, or Flying Squirrel. Easy to walk to from the centre of town you will get simply epic views as you look across the whole of Queenstown.SAFETY COMES FIRST – ALWAYS The Bungy originals, we’ve been doing this stuff for 30 years and our crew is the most experienced in the world. We were the first to be awarded an ‘S’ mark for exceptional safety, and safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our impeccable safety record puts your safety – and wellbeing – first. That’s why we will NEVER compromise on safety.

THE FACTS • HEIGHT 47 METRES (154ft) • FREESTYLE BUNGY • GREAT FOR FIRST TIME AND REPEAT JUMPERS • 400M (1312ft) ABOVE QUEENSTOWN Located at the top of Bob's Peak in downtown Queenstown is where you will find the Ledge Bungy. Your backdrop at this locations is epic views over the whole of Queenstown. Ride the Skyline gondola to the top and then tackle the challenge of our Freestyle Bungy. With this Bungy your feet are free so you have a heap of different jumps styles you can try if you are game enough.  Take a running jump or perhaps try going backwards with a pendulum drop where our crew release you off backwards.