Top things to do

Top Choice Square in Noumea

Place des Cocotiers

This is the heart of the city. The square slopes gently from east to west and at the top is a band rotunda, a famous landmark dating back to the late 1800s. Place des Cocotiers is the perfect spot to watch the world…
Top Choice Beach in Noumea

Anse Vata

Orientated east–west, this popular beach is a hotspot for visitors to Noumea, with hotels, restaurants, shopping and other attractions. Only 10 minutes from the city centre, the locals relax here too, especially on …
Top Choice Market in Noumea

Le Marché

This colourful multi-hexagonal-shaped market is beside the marina at Port Moselle. Fishermen unload their catch; trucks offload fruit, vegetables and flowers; and there’s fresh-baked bread and cakes, plus delights l…
Top Choice Cafe in Noumea

Le Faré du Palm Beach

In a great garden setting streetside at the Palm Beach shopping centre, Anse Vata's version of Le Faré (the sister cafe is in town at the cruise ship quay) serves up tasty meals from early morning until late at nigh…
Top Choice Beach in Noumea

Baie des Citrons

Orientated north–south and less than 10 minutes from the city centre, trendy Baie des Citrons attracts locals and visitors alike. The beach is great for swimming, while the strip of restaurants, bars and nightclubs …
Top Choice Aquarium in Noumea

Aquarium des Lagons

This aquarium is stunning. Species found in New Caledonian waters – including nautilus, sea snakes, stone fish, turtles, sharks and stingrays – have realistic surroundings in their huge tanks. Living coral displays …
Top Choice Brewery in Noumea

Les 3 Brasseurs

This brewery pub on the main drag in Baie des Citrons has it all; popular restaurant upstairs, brewery and bar downstairs with five of its own brews on offer, daily half-price happy hour running 4pm to 7pm and regul…
Top Choice Museum in Noumea

Musée de la Ville de Noumea

The beautiful colonial-style Musée de la Ville de Noumea, which overlooks Place des Cocotiers, is dwarfed by towering palm trees. It features fascinating temporary and permanent displays on the early history of Noum…
Top Choice Bar in Noumea

Art Cafe

Don’t miss a drink at this terrific indoor/outdoor bar inland from the marina. You might chance upon live acoustic music while you eat pizza or drink cocktails on the terrace, and the crowd is friendly.
Top Choice Cafe in Noumea


A great cafe right on Place des Cocotiers that is perfect for a late breakfast, lunch or coffee break. Sit back and watch the world pass by with whatever tempts your fancy.