Cour de Franc Pacifique (CFP)

Daily Costs

  • Hotel room 14,000 CFP
  • Museum visit 400 CFP
  • Bottle of beer 350 CFP
  • Transport ticket 210 CFP


  • The currency is the Pacific Franc (CFP), also used in French Polynesia and Wallis & Futuna.
  • The 5% services tax is usually included in displayed prices.


  • Most banks have ATMs that accept major credit cards.
  • There are ATMs around Noumea and other major towns and villages – though some are only accessible during the bank’s business hours.
  • Each of the Loyalty Islands and Île des Pins has at least one ATM.

Credit Cards

  • Credit cards are accepted by hotels, restaurants, large shops and airline offices in Noumea, but not at budget places outside the capital.
  • There’s sometimes a surcharge.
  • Don't expect to use them in too many places on the islands.

Exchange Rates

AustraliaA$196 CFP
CanadaC$192 CFP
Europe€1119 CFP
Japan¥100119 CFP
New ZealandNZ$175 CFP

For current exchange rates see

Money Changers

  • Banks change money and travellers cheques.
  • All major currencies are accepted, including US, Australian and New Zealand dollars, and euros.
  • You can also change Vanuatu vatu.


A tip is always accepted but it is not common practice.