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The Ouvéa lagoon was one of six marine areas in the New Caledonian archipelago to be listed as a Unesco World Heritage site in 2008. It's stunning.

Ouvéa has two indigenous languages. Iaaï is of Melanesian origin, while Faga-uvéa is spoken in the south and north of the island by descendants of Polynesian migrants who arrived in the 16th and 17th centuries.

A thin sliver of land, Ouvéa has administrative centres at Wadrilla and Fayaoué. The facilities in these villages, however, are so spread out that nowhere can really be described as a centre. There’s a bank with outside ATM, a clinic and a pharmacy near the airport.

Ouvéa hosts its Lagoon Festival in June and the Waleï (Sweet Yam) Festival in August.

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