Top things to do in La Foa & Around

Top Choice Historic Site in Moindou

Fort Téremba

Built in 1871, this historic fort originally held convicts brought to the area to build roads. Following a revolt by local Kanaks against French colonial rule in 1878, the fort was strengthened, then abandoned in 18…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in La Foa & Around

Le Parc des Grandes Fougères

This 4500-hectare park, in the mountains above Farino, features tropical rainforest with rich and varied flora and fauna. As the name suggests, tree ferns are in abundance, and most of Grande Terre's native birdlife…
Cinema in La Foa

Cinéma Jean-Pierre Jeunet

A major event on New Caledonia’s social calendar is the June/July film festival where international films, screened in their own language, are shown at La Foa’s Cinéma Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Each year the festival is p…
Gardens in La Foa

La Foa Sculpture Garden

The sculpture garden behind La Foa Tourisme features wonderful sculptures by artists from throughout New Caledonia. The garden is a pleasant place for a picnic, with a children’s playground and public toilets.
Creperie in La Foa

Le Jasmin

This bright and friendly spot on RT1 in the middle of La Foa specialises in Asian cuisine and Brittany-style crepes. The food is good and there's free wi-fi if you're starving to hook up.
Fair in Farino

Festival of the Bancoule Worm

Held on the second Sunday in September: head to Farino to taste some fat, wriggling white worms. Becoming more popular by the year!