Top Choice Aquarium in Noumea

Aquarium des Lagons

This aquarium is stunning. Species found in New Caledonian waters – including nautilus, sea snakes, stone fish, turtles, sharks and stingrays – have realistic surroundings in their huge tanks. Living coral displays …
Top Choice Museum in Noumea

Musée de la Ville de Noumea

The beautiful colonial-style Musée de la Ville de Noumea, which overlooks Place des Cocotiers, is dwarfed by towering palm trees. It features fascinating temporary and permanent displays on the early history of Noum…
Top Choice Square in Noumea

Place des Cocotiers

This is the heart of the city. The square slopes gently from east to west and at the top is a band rotunda, a famous landmark dating back to the late 1800s. Place des Cocotiers is the perfect spot to watch the world…
Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in The Far South

Parc Provincial de la Rivière Bleue

Protected Blue River Park is a reserve for many bird species, including the cagou. The landscape is a mixture of the far south’s typical scrub vegetation and dense rainforest, and includes gigantic kaori trees. Take…
Top Choice Cave in Baie d’Oro & Around

Grotte de la Reine Hortense

This impressive cave tunnels into a limestone cliff at the end of a path through wild tropical gardens. Queen Hortense, wife of a local chief, is believed to have taken refuge here for several months during intertri…
Top Choice Market in Noumea

Le Marché

This colourful multi-hexagonal-shaped market is beside the marina at Port Moselle. Fishermen unload their catch; trucks offload fruit, vegetables and flowers; and there’s fresh-baked bread and cakes, plus delights l…
Top Choice Beach in Noumea

Anse Vata

Orientated east–west, this popular beach is a hotspot for visitors to Noumea, with hotels, restaurants, shopping and other attractions. Only 10 minutes from the city centre, the locals relax here too, especially on …
Top Choice Landmark in Maré

Aquarium Naturelle

About 3km south of Tadine is a large Aquarium Naturelle, a rockpool sunk in the cliffs and linked to the sea. Watch for Napoleon fish, perroquettes, picods and sometimes turtles swimming in the translucent water. It…
Top Choice Church in Lifou

Chapelle Notre Dame de Lourdes

At the large white cross at Easo, stay on the coast road to a parking area below the small Chapelle Notre Dame de Lourdes. Steps lead up the hill to the chapel from where there are fantastic views of Baie de Jinek t…
Top Choice Beach in Lifou

Luengoni Beach

A stretch of fine white sand bordering a stunning lagoon. Locals boast that it is New Caledonia’s most beautiful beach. The sheltered bay is a renowned turtle haunt.