Business hours are year-round for banks and most offices. Many places in the mountains keep slightly longer summer hours and shorter winter hours.

Banks 9am–noon and 2–4pm Sunday to Friday, 10am–noon Saturday

Bars and clubs Usually close by midnight or 1am, even in Kathmandu

Museums generally 10.30am–4.30pm, often closed Tuesday

Restaurants 8am–10pm

Shops 10am–8pm (varies widely, some closed Saturday)

Opening Hours Table

Standard opening hours are as follows.

Airline offices

Opening Hours

9am-1pm & 2-6pm Sun-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat


Opening Hours

9am-noon, 2-4pm Sun-Fri, 10am-noon Sat

Bars & clubs

Opening Hours

generally closed by midnight (1am in Kathmandu)


Opening Hours

9am-1pm & 2-5pm Mon-Fri

Government offices

Opening Hours

10am-1pm & 2-5pm (to 4pm in winter) Mon-Thu, 10am-1pm Fri (also 10am-5pm Sun outside the Kathmandu Valley)


Opening Hours

generally 10.30am-4.30pm, often closed Tue


Opening Hours



Opening Hours

10am-8pm (some shops closed on Sat)