Top Choice Tea in Ilam

Ilam Tea House

This superb little shop has every tea product that you could possibly want to buy, and some charming old ladies to sell it to you. Located near the Green View Guest House, its counter opens directly onto the street.
Arts & Crafts in Janakpur

Janakpur Women’s Development Centre

At this art studio in the village of Kuwa, about 1km south of Murali Chowk, around 40 Maithili women produce paper paintings, papier-mâché boxes and mirrors, screen-printed fabrics and hand-thrown ceramics. The brig…
Arts & Crafts in Chitwan National Park

Happy House

With a good selection of souvenirs, this small, family-run business produces its own honey in various delectable flavours and sells batik art and colourful Mithila paintings on handmade paper produced by women’s cra…
Arts & Crafts in Chitwan National Park

Women Art & Handicrafts Shop

For batik clothing, jewellery, hand-painted T-shirts and elephant-dung paper, which is a lot nicer than it sounds. No sign: located directly beneath Gig House.
Market in Lumbini

Pilgrim's Market

This is the place to find an inexpensive (often plastic) souvenir. Located near the main entrance, it's a very long row of shops all selling similar Buddhist items.