Arts & Crafts in Chitwan National Park

Happy House

With a good selection of souvenirs, this small, family-run business produces its own honey in various delectable flavours and sells colourful Mithila paintings on handmade paper produced by women’s craft cooperative…
Arts & Crafts in Chitwan National Park

Women’s Community Shop

This cooperative outlet, near the visitors centre, sells a small selection of dusty souvenirs including the aforementioned poo paper, with all proceeds going to developing local women’s community groups.
in Ilam

Koseli Gham

Koseli Gham is a small cooperative that sells Ilam tea, honey and sweets, with proceeds going to the local community. It is located on the main strip near the bus stand.
Arts & Crafts in Janakpur

Janakpur Women’s Development Centre

At the Janakpur Women’s Development Centre, just outside Janakpur in the village of Kuwa. Around 40 Mithila women produce paper paintings, papier-mâché boxes and mirrors, screen-printed fabrics and hand-thrown ceram…
Tea in Ilam

Ilam Tea House

Those wanting to buy tea of varying qualities can fill up at the Ilam Tea House near the Green View Guest House.