Exploring the Southern Valley

The towns and villages of the southern valley can be explored by using local buses – which are cheap, frequent, overcrowded and slow – or by hiring a taxi for the day from Kathmandu. While most settlements saw some damage in the 2015 earthquake, only a few temples were completely destroyed and there is still much to see.

If you do hire a taxi, set off early and you can probably whizz through Kirtipur, Chobar, Pharping and Dakshinkali in a long day. Expect to pay around Rs 4000 from Kathmandu. In the past, the most enjoyable way of getting from Kathmandu to any of the towns in the southern valley was by rented bicycle. Today, however, ever increasing traffic and a quickly expanding city make this a far less enjoyable prospect, though the stretch between Pharping and Dakshinkali is still a pleasant ride.

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