The Eastern Valley drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Bar in Bhaktapur

Garuda Bar

A cosy rooftop bar where you can get a cocktail and order snacks, with stunning views over Taumadhi Tole towards Nyatapola Temple.
Cafe in Bhaktapur

Daily Grind

A neat little cafe at the east end of Durbar Sq, where you can grab a quick coffee or sit at the knee-bruising tables for a decent pizza. Also good for cool drinks, smoothies, momos and sandwiches.
Cafe in Bhaktapur

Beans Cafe

Good-value, excellent Nepali organic espresso, free wi-fi and baked treats off Durbar Sq make this one of our favourite java stops.
Cafe in Bhaktapur

Cosmos Coffee Haus

Sit down to a hot or cold coffee at this tasteful cafe, tucked away from the crowds on the edge of Taumadhi Tole.