Dangers & Annoyances

Women in particular should avoid hiking alone in remote corners of the valley. Nagarjun Hill near Kathmandu and Pulchowki Mountain south of Godavari have historically seen robberies and worse.

If you plan to explore the Kathmandu Valley on a rented motorcycle, be wary of the traffic police, particularly after dark. Locals are routinely stung with fines for trumped-up traffic offences and foreigners are increasingly being targeted.

Be aware of the risk of landslides on the roads to Langtang and Kodari.


If you intend to do any biking, hiking or motorcycling, it’s worth investing in Nepa Maps’ useful 1:50,000 Around the Kathmandu Valley or 1:60,000 Biking Around Kathmandu Valley. Both are available from bookshops in Kathmandu.