Pokhara entertainment

Cinema in Pokhara

Movie Garden

This makeshift outdoor 'cinema' is a lot of fun. Built into an old rice terrace but surrounded by budget hotels, it's a good example of Nepali enterprise and resourcefulness. Movies start at 7pm, so get here at 6.30…
Dance in Pokhara

Fewa Paradise Garden Restaurant

An all-day restaurant with a traveller menu and an evening song-and-dance show at 7pm.
Dance in Pokhara

Hotel Barahi

Bookings are required for the buffet dinner and cultural show from 6.30pm (Rs 1240).
Dance in Pokhara

Hungry Eye Restaurant

One of many long-standing dinner and show venues. This one is indoors.
Dance in Pokhara

Boomerang Restaurant & German Bakery

A long-standing and popular restaurant with an evening cultural show.