Walking to Panauti

From the Namobuddha stupa you can hike directly to Panauti in two hours, although you'll miss beautiful Balthali. A trail descends from the right side through forest to the small village of Sankhu (distinct from the other village called Sankhu in the northeastern valley), with temples and riverside ghats. Shortly after the track splits: the right fork leads to Batase and Dhulikhel, while the left fork winds past terraced fields to Sunthan and Panauti. As you approach Panauti, cross the stream over a suspension bridge to the ghats and then follow the road as it curves round to the Indreshwar Mahadev Temple, Panauti's main sight.


Sleeping options are either at the resort or the monastery.


If you are staying at the monastery, board is included. If you're staying at the resort, you can't just drop in and eat at the monastery. Therefore the only eating choice is for those staying at the monastery who wish to eat at the resort!