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Namobuddha (A sacred Buddhist pilgrimage site)

- It's a private guide own initiative,so the guide can feel the ownership and the put more value to it's client. - Assurance in quality service.-Best English speaking guide in town.-Good storyteller
5 hours
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Situated 45 km just the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu valley is the hilltop village of Namo Buddha. The Namo Buddha Day tour takes you to the Buddhist pilgrimage site which is situated at the hilltop of Panauti in Kavre District. The main attraction of this tour at Namo Buddha is the Thrangu Tashi Yangtse monastery. Young monks studying here are also part of this monastery. Hiking to Namo Buddha is an easy one and ideal for those who strive to walk for at least few hours.
7 hours
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Namo Buddha Day hiking from kathmandu

- Namobuddha Monastery-hiking in green hill– Panoramic view of Mountains, landscape– A close watch of local Newari  people’s  lifestyle
1 day
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2 Days Sunrise (Nagarkot - Dhulikhel - Namobuddha) Hike from Kathmandu Valley Nepal

Nagarkot to Dhulikhel and Namobudha Hiking,The Himalayas to the people of this wonderful land is a place of sacred spirituality. The Hindus see these mountains as gods while the Buddhists also know of them to house powerful spirits. For thousands of years these mountains have empowered the world with a holiness that rises from each opening in the earth. The crisp, fresh air and amazing sites will no doubt leave any visitor touched for a lifetime.Nagarkot to Dhulikhel and Namobudha Hiking,The Sunrise to Sacredness Trek is a relatively easy two day trek that journeys from the most amazing sunrise from Nagarkot while ending at the Buddhist holy site of Namobuddha. It’s a two day trek which will spend the night at the ancient Newari city of Dhulikhel .The Sunrise to Sacredness Trek combines everything Nepal is famous for into two wonderful days: . 
2 days
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Kathmandu Valley Hike from - Namobuddha to Dhulilkhel in Nepal

The Kathmandu Valley rim is one of the finest places to enjoy day trekking in all of Nepal. Located so near Kathmandu, it is well above the noise of the Valley as the spectacular Himalayas come into view.The Sacred Alpine Day Trek takes you from one of the three most holy Buddhist sites at Namobuddha and covers a wonderful walk to the magnificent city of Dhulikhel. Situated on the top of a hill facing the Himalayas, its views are impeccable to behold. The journey begins early as you are taken by private car to Namobuddha to see the place where the pre-incarnation of Lord Buddha offered his arm (and his life) to a hungry tigress to save her young.
8 hours
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Kathmandu Valley Rim Hike

Kathmandu Valley Rim Hike of short trek for few days, a marvelous and pleasant country walks which leads you to observe outside of Kathmandu valley life.Walk leads around rural farm villages with unique views of mountain range to Chisapani-Nagarkot and to Dhulkhel towns, first day hiking to Chisapani accent one thousand meter, when you reach in Chisapani hill can observe panoramic view of Dorje Lakpa, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Gaurisankar  and part of Mt. Everest range.Trip Highlights:  • a pleasant short trek and hike north of Kathmandu valley with incredible views, • a scenic country walk around rural farm villages on the least visited area, • marvelous views of high snowcapped peaks in the shade of pristine forest, • visit of famous scenic spot of Nagarkot and Dhulikhel with striking sunrise views.
3 days
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Kathmandu Culture Tour

• Visit Kathmandu's UNESCO World Heritage sites • Learn about the history, people and culture of the area • Take in the natural landscape and the sites at your own pace
10 hours
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Namobuddha Hiking Day Tour

Namobuddha hiking day tour can be a perfect to all age group people. In this tour one can experience one of the most famous Buddhist shrine situated at about 38 km east of Kathmandu valley on top of a small hill. If you are looking for a quiet and a sacred place, away from the traffic of the city, with natural green scenery, huge mountains on the back drop, Namobuddha can be your best choice. Namobuddha is historically important place where a prince sacrificed himself to feed a hungry tigress and her cubs.We take a drive from Kathmandu to Panauti and we trek to Namobuddha. The hiking lasts for three hours, passing through beautiful landscape, suspension bridge, singing of birds, and echo of the villagers collecting fodders for their animals. After our visit to Namobuddha, we drive to Dhulikhel for lunch and then back to Kathmandu.
9 hours
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Private Namobuddha Hiking Trip from Kathmandu

This 5-hour private day trip starts from Kathmandu and takes you to hike the hill of Namobuddha, at 1750 meters altitude atop the Panauti village. Spend a day away from the busy city to take-in the gorgeous views of the surrounding mountain views and the valleys below.
5 hours