Top things to do in Lumbini

Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Lumbini

Maya Devi Temple

The spiritual heart of Lumbini, Maya Devi Temple marks the spot where Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama in around 563BC. In the adjoining sacred garden you’ll find the pillar of Ashoka, ancient ruins …
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Lumbini

World Peace Pagoda

Located outside the main compound, but easily accessible by bike, the impressive gleaming-white World Peace Pagoda, one of the world's greatest stupas, was constructed by Japanese Buddhists at a cost of US$1 million…
Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Lumbini

Cambodian Monastery

With strong touches of Angkor Wat, this colourful fantasy due for completion in 2018 is already one of the most fascinating temples in Lumbini. The temple is surrounded by a square railing topped off by four 50m gre…
Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Lumbini

Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery

Close to the north end of the pond, this stunning and imposing wat (Thai-style monastery) is built from gleaming white marble. The blue-roofed meditation centre next door is another fine piece of architecture. Argua…
Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Lumbini

Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery

This elegant monastery is one of the most impressive structures at Lumbini. Reached through a gateway flanked by dogs of Fo, the elegant pagoda-style monastery looks like a small Forbidden City. Its perfectly manicu…
Buddhist Temple in Lumbini

Myanmar Golden Temple

The Myanmar Golden Temple is one of the oldest structures in the compound. There are three prayer halls – the most impressive is topped by a corncob-shaped shikhara (tower), styled after the temples of Bagan. Also w…
Religious in Lumbini

Buddha Jayanti

The most important Buddhist celebration at Lumbini is this annual festival held in April or May, when busloads of Buddhists from India and Nepal come here to celebrate the birth of the Buddha. Pilgrims also come her…
Buddhist Temple in Lumbini

Korean Buddhist Temple

At the time of research, the government of South Korea was finishing up this massive temple. The interior is magnificent; you might find workers still painting its intricate ceiling, which will take over a year to c…
Buddhist Temple in Lumbini

Nepal Vajrayana Mahavihara Temple

This beautiful Newari temple with central courtyard was nearing completion at time of research.
Buddhist Temple in Lumbini

Great Drigung Kagyud Lotus Stupa

This truly extravagant stupa, constructed by the German Tara Foundation, contains a hollow crown partly covered in glass, revealing a small Buddha within. The domed ceiling of the main prayer room is covered in Budd…