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Greenline offers air-con deluxe services that are considerably more expensive than the tourist buses (but include lunch). There are daily morning buses at 7.30am to Pokhara (US$23, six hours) and Chitwan (US$20, six…
Motorbike Hire in Kathmandu

Singh Motorbike Centre

Singh Motorbike Centre is a reliable place for bike hire. Choose from a Hero Honda (Rs 250 per day), Yamaha 125cc (Rs 350) or Pulsar 150cc (Rs 500).
Airline in Kathmandu

Nepal Airlines Domestic Office

Nepal Airline operates flights to remoter airstrips but only has computerised booking on some of its flights. The other domestic carriers are much more reliable if you have a choice. Book at a travel agent or direct…
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Kathmandu Bus Station

The Kathmandu bus station is north of the city centre. It is officially called the Gongabu Bus Park, but is generally known as the Kathmandu Bus Terminal, or simply ‘bus park’. This bus station is basically for all …
Bus in Kathmandu

Golden Travels

Golden runs bus services from Kantipath to Pokhara (US$15 with lunch) departing at 7am, as well as daily services at 7am to Sunauli (US$15) and Lumbini (US$15, nine hours). These latter two depart from Kalanki on th…
Airport in Kathmandu

Tribhuvan Airport

Kathmandu’s international airport is called Tribhuvan Airport after the late king; the area’s former name Gaucher (literally ‘cow pasture’) speaks volumes about Kathmandu’s rapid urban expansion.
Motorbike Hire in Kathmandu

Pheasant Transportation Service

Pheasant Transportation Service is in a side street off the central Thamel junction. It has somewhat slippier prices.
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Buddha Air

Bus Station in Kathmandu

Gongabu (Kathmandu) Bus Station

Kathmandu's main bus station (also called the Kathmandu Bus Terminal, or simply ‘new bus park’) is is basically for all long-distance buses, including to Pokhara and destinations in the Terai. It’s a huge and confus…
Airline in Kathmandu

Air India

Connects Kathmandu with several Indian cities including Delhi and Kolkata.