Homewares in Kathmandu


Good range of crafts and home furnishings, much of it made by disadvantaged or minority groups, with nice batiks made by paralysed women. There’s a larger outlet and collection of other fair-trade stores in Kopundol…
Arts & Crafts in Kathmandu

Tibetan Thangka Gallery

Just past the Hotel Ambassador, this is another good little place. Thangkas are painted on the spot (you can watch the artists at work) and many pieces from here end up in the Durbar Sq shops with higher price tags.…
Food & Drinks in Kathmandu

Bhat Bhateni Supermarket

Bhat Bhateni Supermarket is the largest in the city, though it has a slightly inconvenient location south of the Chinese embassy.
Books in Kathmandu

Nepal Book Depot

Good prices, a central location and a huge selection of new and secondhand titles.
Food & Drinks in Kathmandu

Big Mart

Arts & Crafts in Kathmandu

Baber Mahal Revisited

Originally built in 1919 by the then prime minister for his son, this unique complex of neo-classical Rana palace outbuildings has been redeveloped to house a warren of chic clothes shops, designer galleries and han…
Paper Products in Kathmandu

Paper Park

One of the best of several shops in Thamel that sell handmade paper products, from photo albums to paper lamps. The paper comes from the lokta (daphne) plant, whose bark is boiled and beaten with wooden mallets and …
Sports & Outdoors in Kathmandu

Shona’s Alpine Rental

Reliable rentals and gear shop that makes its own sleeping bags and offers advice on the best trek gear for your trip. Get a season warmer than they recommend. Sleeping bags and down jackets cost Rs 80 to Rs 100 eac…
Sports & Outdoors in Kathmandu

North Face

One of several pukka (not fake) gear shops on Tridevi Marg, offering imported gear at foreign prices. These shops sell everything from Black Diamond climbing gear to US Thermarests. Other brands such as Mountain Har…
Arts & Crafts in Kathmandu

Amrita Craft Collection

This broad collection of crafts and clothing is a good place to start your Thamel shopping. Quality isn’t top-notch but subtract 20% from its fixed prices and you get a good benchmark for what you should aim to pay …