Rum Doodle


in Kathmandu

The original Rum Doodle in Thamel was a favourite meeting place for mountaineering expeditions – Edmund Hillary, Reinhold Messner, Ang Rita Sherpa and Rob Hall all left their marks on the wall. The inconvenient new location well outside Thamel lacks the history but is a pleasant group-oriented place, with American-style comfort food like steaks, chicken wings and pizzas.

The restaurant is named after the world’s highest mountain, the 40,000½ft Mt Rum Doodle (as depicted by WE Bowman, author of The Ascent of Rum Doodle, a spoof of serious mountaineering books). Fans of the book should try 'Pong's Revenge', a bacon cheeseburger with egg. Modern trekking groups can add their own yeti footprint to the walls.