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Medical Services

Dozens of pharmacies on the fringes of Thamel offer all the cheap antibiotics you can pronounce.

CIWEC Clinic Travel Medicine Center In operation since 1982 and has an international reputation for research into travellers’ medical problems. Staff are mostly foreigners and a doctor is on call round the clock. Credit cards are accepted and the centre is used to dealing with insurance claims.

CIWEC Dental Clinic US dentist on the top floor of the CIWEC Clinic.

Healthy Smiles UK-trained dentist, opposite the Hotel Ambassador, with a branch in Patan.

Nepal International Clinic Just south of the New Royal Palace, east of Thamel. It has an excellent reputation and is slightly cheaper than the CIWEC Clinic. Credit cards accepted.

NORVIC International Hospital Private Nepali hospital with a good reputation for cardiology.

Patan Hospital Perhaps the best hospital in the Kathmandu Valley.