Nepal in detail


  • Buddhist Sites Always walk clockwise around Buddhist stupas (bell-shaped religious structures), chörtens (Tibetan-style stupas) and mani (stone carved with a Tibetan Buddhist chant) walls.
  • Head Wobble A sideways tilt or wobble of the head conveys agreement in Nepal, not a ‘no’.
  • Greetings Nepalis rarely shake hands – the namaste greeting (placing your palms together in a prayer position) is a better choice.
  • Respect When giving or receiving money, use your right hand and touch your right elbow with your left hand, as a gesture of respect.
  • No shoes Always remove your shoes before you enter a private house or monastery.
  • Dining Don’t use your left hand for eating or passing food to others as this hand is used for personal ablutions. Wash your hands and mouth before dining.