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Janaki Mandir

At the heart of Janakpur lies the marble Janaki Mandir, one of the finest pieces of architecture in Nepal. Built in extravagant baroque Mughal style that leaves it looking like a palace made of sweets, the Janaki Ma…
Arts & Crafts in Janakpur

Janakpur Women’s Development Centre

At the Janakpur Women’s Development Centre, just outside Janakpur in the village of Kuwa. Around 40 Mithila women produce paper paintings, papier-mâché boxes and mirrors, screen-printed fabrics and hand-thrown ceram…
Religious in Janakpur

Sita Bibaha Panchami

By far the most interesting time to visit Janakpur is during the fifth day of the waxing moon in November/December, when tens of thousands of pilgrims descend on the town to celebrate the re-enactment of Sita’s marr…
Hindu Temple in Janakpur

Ram Sita Bibaha Mandir

This rather bizarre temple, which sits right next door to the city's centrepiece, the Janaki Mandir, marks the spot where Rama and Sita were married. The temple is topped by a modernist interpretation of a tiered pa…
Indian in Janakpur

Rooftop Family Restaurant

Facing the small Janak Mandir, this upstairs restaurant, which has more class than most other places to eat in the city centre, has an excellent selection of vegetarian curries, plus cold beer and outdoor tables.
Cultural in Janakpur

Maha Ganga Aarati

Every evening at the large, central bathing tank of Ganga Sagar, a small puja ceremony involving a lot of crashing of cymbals, ringing of bells and waving of candles takes place. Anyone is welcome to join in.
Religious in Janakpur


In March, Janakpur gets boisterous during this riotously colourful affair, but be warned: foreigners are not exempt from a ritual splattering with coloured powder and water.
Religious in Janakpur

Rama Navami

Celebrations for Rama’s birthday in March/April are accompanied by a huge procession, which attracts many sadhus (wandering Hindu holy men).
Religious in Janakpur


If you visit during in October/November, you’ll see Mithila women repainting the murals on their houses.
Hindu Temple in Janakpur

Ram Mandir & Danush Sagar

Hidden away in a stone courtyard southeast of the Janaki Mandir, the Ram Mandir is the oldest temple in Janakpur (constructed in 1882), built in the classic tiered pagoda style of the hills. The main temple is sacre…