Palace in Gorkha

Gorkha Durbar

Regarded by many as the crowning glory of Newari architecture, the 16th-century Gorkha Durbar is a fort, palace and temple all in one. Miraculously, the main structure survived the 2015 earthquake, but damage was ex…
Museum in Gorkha

Gorkha Museum

Housed inside the grand Tallo Durbar, a Newari-style palace built in 1835, this museum's collection is outshone by the building itself, which has a beautiful internal courtyard with carved windows and doors. While t…
Hindu Temple in Gorkha

Bhimsen Temple

Located in a small square, this miniature pagoda temple is dedicated to Bhimsen, the Newari god of Commerce. If you throw a coin inside, he will undoubtedly appreciate it.
Hindu Temple in Gorkha

Mahadev Temple

This squat white temple has an interesting statue of a bull. This is Nandi, the steed of Shiva, who guards Kailashagiri, Shiva's abode atop Mt Kailash in Tibet.
Hindu Temple in Gorkha

Ganesh Temple

This small, white shikhara (an Indian-style temple with a tall corn-cob spire) is dedicated to Ganesh. You'll find it next to a ceremonial tank.
Hindu Temple in Gorkha

Vishnu Temple

This two-tiered temple dedicated to Vishnu lies just north of the bus stand.