Top Choice Hindu Temple in Janakpur

Janaki Mandir

At the heart of Janakpur lies the marble Janaki Mandir, one of the finest pieces of architecture in Nepal. Built in extravagant baroque Mughal style that leaves it looking like a palace made of sweets, the Janaki Ma…
Wildlife Reserve in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

The smallest of the Terai’s wildlife reserves, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Consisting of 175 sq km of wet and grassland habitat, Koshi Tappu (translating to ‘river islands’) is home to …
Hindu Temple in Janakpur

Ram Sita Bibaha Mandir

This rather bizarre temple, which sits right next door to the city's centrepiece, the Janaki Mandir, marks the spot where Rama and Sita were married. The temple is topped by a modernist interpretation of a tiered pa…
Viewpoint in Bhedetar

Bhedetar Charles Point

Bhedetar is perched at 1420m and the soaring views over Everest and Makalu are spectacular on a clear day. The best views are from Bhedetar Charles Point, named after Prince Charles, who visited in the 1980s.
Hindu Temple in Janakpur

Ram Mandir & Danush Sagar

Hidden away in a stone courtyard southeast of the Janaki Mandir, the Ram Mandir is the oldest temple in Janakpur (constructed in 1882), built in the classic tiered pagoda style of the hills. The main temple is sacre…
Village in Janakpur

Traditional Villages

The sugar-cane fields and Maithili villages around Janakpur form a lush and magical mosaic. Many of the villages are built in the traditional Mithila style, with mud walls decorated with colourful paintings and rais…
Hindu Temple in Janakpur

Janak Mandir & Danush Sagar

Hindu temple and bathing tank.
Landmark in Janakpur

Bihar Kunda

Bathing tank.
Area in Janakpur

Ramanand Chowk