Hindu Temple in Chobar

Jal Binayak Temple

Built in 1602, Jal Binayak Temple is one of the valley’s most important Ganesh shrines. There was quite some damage from the 2015 earthquake and scaffolding, demolition and repairs were evident when we last visited,…
Hindu Temple in Chobar

Adinath Lokeshwar Temple

In the village of Chobar is (or was) the curious Adinath Lokeshwar Temple, originally built in the 15th century. The three-tiered Newari temple and its roof struts, walls and courtyard were adorned with hundreds of …
Park in Chobar

Manjushree Park

Manjushree Park is the result of a project to repair the damage created by a now-defunct cement factory, which scarred the landscape of Chobar Gorge, located 1km southeast of Chobar village. Note the boulder shaped …