Top things to do in Chabahil

Buddhist Stupa in Chabahil

Chabahil Stupa

Right on the Ring Rd is this imposing stupa, the fourth largest in the Kathmandu area after Bodhnath, Swayambhunath and the Kathesimbhu Stupa near Thahiti Chowk. According to legend, the stupa was constructed by Cha…
Hindu Temple in Chabahil

Chandra Binayak Ganesh Temple

This revered temple enshrines a tiny silver image of Ganesh and is currently being rebuilt after sustaining damage during the 2015 earthquake. The courtyard is full of tika-powder-covered statues – note the Budhanil…
Buddhist Temple in Chabahil

Charumati Vihar

The Charumati Vihar is a medieval Buddhist monastery that used to house the monks who tended the Chabahil Stupa. To get here from the Chabahil Stupa, take the lane just to the north and turn left at a smaller white …