Top Choice Buddhist Stupa in Bodhnath (Boudha)

Bodhnath Stupa

The first stupa at Bodhnath was built sometime after AD 600, when the Tibetan king, Songtsen Gampo, converted to Buddhism. In terms of grace and purity of line, no other stupa in Nepal comes close to Bodhnath. From …
Buddhist Monastery in Bodhnath (Boudha)

Kopan Monastery

On a hilltop north of Bodhnath, Kopan Monastery was founded by Lama Thubten Yeshe, who died in 1984, leading to a worldwide search for his reincarnation. A young Spanish boy, Osel Torres, was declared to be the rein…
Buddhist Monastery in Bodhnath (Boudha)

Other Gompas

Since the Chinese sent thousands of troops to enforce their claim on Tibet in the 1950s, dozens of new monasteries have been constructed at Bodhnath by refugees. All welcome visitors but many close their doors in th…
Museum in Bodhnath (Boudha)

Taragaon Museum

This small museum houses a collection of maps, photos and archaeological plans drawn by the first foreign architectural advisers to arrive in Kathmandu in the 1970s. Highlights include the museum building itself, or…
Buddhist Monastery in Bodhnath (Boudha)

Ka-Nying Sheldrup Ling Gompa

Down a side alley, the handsome ‘white gompa’ is home to 225 monks and features ornamental gardens and a richly decorated interior with some exquisite paintings and thangkas (Tibetan religious paintings). Unfortunat…
Buddhist Monastery in Bodhnath (Boudha)

Shechen Gompa

This huge complex was established by the famous Nyingmapa lama Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche to replace the destroyed Shechen Gompa in eastern Tibet. Today, the monastery has a thriving community of over 300 monks and the…
Buddhist Monastery in Bodhnath (Boudha)

Sakya Tharig Gompa

Take the alley running northeast from the Bodhnath (Boudha) stupa, past the small Gelugpa Samtenling Gompa, and turn right to reach the Sakya Tharig Gompa. This sprawling complex includes a large Buddhist school and…
Buddhist Monastery in Bodhnath (Boudha)

Guru Lhakhang Gompa

Buddhist Monastery in Bodhnath (Boudha)

Samtenling Gompa

Buddhist Monastery in Bodhnath (Boudha)

Pal Nye Gompa