Nepali in Bhaktapur

Café Nyatapola

Occupying prime real estate in Taumadhi Tole, this landmark cafe has tables set out on the balconies of a historic pagoda temple – there are even erotic carvings on the roof struts. Unfortunately, the building susta…
Korean in Bhaktapur

Cafe Beyond

In a town with little variation between menus, this Korean restaurant offers something a little different. Established to support an NGO that promotes local organic farming, the funkily decorated restaurant serves a…
Nepali in Bhaktapur

Newa Chhen Restaurant

Slightly rundown and dingy, however, the food here is cheap and tasty. It gets points for excellent Newari snacks and a corner table with killer views over the square. The owners run a dirt-cheap homestay (double ro…
Nepali in Bhaktapur

Peaceful Garden Café

This sleepy outdoor eatery, in a quiet courtyard behind the souvenir shops on the south side of the square, does the usual menu, but at good prices.
Nepali in Bhaktapur

No-Name Restaurant

This nameless hole-in-the-wall consists of little more than a hot plate and a bucket of pancake mix, but it serves up what might be the best street food in the Kathmandu Valley. The only thing on the menu is wo (cal…
Nepali in Bhaktapur

New Watshala Garden Restaurant

Set in a pot-plant-filled courtyard behind the Shiva Guest House, this place came through the 2015 earthquake with only minor damage and it offers a genuine retreat from the Durbar Sq crowds, even if the food is tou…
Nepali in Bhaktapur

New Cafe de Peacock

Tachupal Tole’s answer to Café Nyatapola in a wood-fronted former priest's house on the north side of the square is certainly atmospheric, with great views over the square. Earthquake damage was minor and the food i…
Cafe in Bhaktapur

Namaste Cafe

This tiny upstairs cafe is decked out in attractive decor and offers great views of Taumadhi Tole. The Nepali curries with rice are particularly good, breakfasts are good value and there's a ground-floor coffee bar.
Nepali in Bhaktapur

Palace Restaurant

Opposite the Royal Palace in a long, historic building, this regal place with one long balcony offers the chance to dine with a view that used to be reserved for the Malla kings.
Cafe in Bhaktapur

Shiva’s Café Corner

With an espresso machine and free wi-fi, this inviting cafe with a bistro feel is a good spot for breakfast and a break.