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The Arniko Hwy to Bhaktapur carries a lot of bellowing, belching buses and trucks, so it’s better to follow the parallel road to Bhaktapur past the northern end of Thimi.

Bus, Minibus & Taxi

Taxis from Kathmandu cost Rs 1000 one way. Buses run very frequently from Kathmandu’s Bagh Bazar bus stand (Rs 25 to Rs 30, one hour) until around 6pm but stop endlessly, dropping off next to the Guhya Pokhari, a short walk west of Durbar Sq. For Thimi (Rs 15, 20 minutes), take a local bus along the old road to Kathmandu rather than an express bus along the main highway.

Buses for Kathmandu's Gongabu bus station also leave from a stand at the northern edge of Bhaktapur by the Lamuga Pokhari, but the Bagh Bazar buses are much more convenient.

The stand for buses to Nagarkot (Rs 50, 1½ hours, from 7am to 5.30pm) is nearby, beside the Kamal Pokhari tank. A taxi from here takes 45 minutes and costs around Rs 1500.

Buses to Changu Narayan (Rs 15, 30 minutes) leave every 30 minutes or so from the junction with the Changu Narayan road, or take a taxi from your hotel for Rs 1000.

For Dhulikhel (Rs 40, one hour) or anywhere further east, you’ll have to walk 20 minutes south across the river to the Arniko Hwy to catch a (probably packed) through bus from Kathmandu. Count on Rs 1500 for a taxi to Dhulikhel.