Bhaktapur is famed for its pottery, which is sold in a staggering number of souvenir shops around the main squares, particularly at Tachupal Tole and Taumadhi Tole. There’s also some good metalwork on sale – look out for beaten metal dishes embossed with Buddhist symbols and ornate brass butter lamps in the shape of the Krishna Temple in Patan’s Durbar Sq.

Paper Products

Many small factories in Bhaktapur produce handmade paper from the pulp of the lokta (daphne) bush, which is sold all over town as cards, notepads, photo albums, envelopes and other stationery items.

Wood Carvings

Bhaktapur has long been renowned for its woodcarving, and this craft is now used to make objects that fit well into Western homes. Some of the best work is sold from the stalls around Tachupal Tole and the alley beside the Pujari Math. Miniature models of the famous Peacock Window are always popular souvenirs.