Bhaktapur's restaurant scene is quite small, and most places try the usual gamut of dishes including pasta, pizza, sizzlers, Chinese, Indian and Nepali.

King of Curds

While in Bhaktapur, be sure to try the town’s great contribution to the world of desserts – juju dhau, ‘the king of curds’. Just how special can yoghurt be, you might ask? Well, this could just be the richest, creamiest yoghurt in the world! Mind you, it is sweetened and lightly spiced. You’ll find this delicacy in many tourist restaurants, but the best places to try it are the hole-in-the-wall restaurants between Durbar Sq and the public bus stand (look for the pictures of bowls of curd outside). King curd comes set in an earthenware bowl for Rs 200, or a single serve costs Rs 40.