Top Choice Hindu Temple in Bhaktapur

Nyatapola Temple

You will be able to see the sky-high rooftop of the Nyatapola Temple long before you reach the square. With five storeys towering 30m above Taumadhi Tole, this is the tallest temple in all of Nepal and one of the ta…
Top Choice Historic Building in Bhaktapur

Golden Gate

The magnificent Golden Gate is a visual highlight of Durbar Sq. Set into a bright red gatehouse surrounded by white palace walls, the fabulous golden portal boasts some of Nepal's finest repoussé metalwork. The gild…
Museum in Bhaktapur

Brass & Bronze Museum

Directly across from the Woodcarving Museum, in another old math with similar lighting problems and similar damage from the 2015 earthquake, this museum has some excellent examples of traditional metalwork, includin…
Gallery in Bhaktapur

National Art Gallery

The western end of Bhaktapur's Royal Palace contains the best of the three museums in Bhaktapur, despite minor damage to the building and some exhibits. Inside, you can view an extensive collection of Tantric cloth …
Museum in Bhaktapur

Woodcarving Museum

This museum has some fine examples of Bhaktapur woodcarving displayed in dark, creaky rooms. There isn’t enough light to justify paying the camera fee, but it’s worth a visit, not least for the extravagantly carved …
Hindu Temple in Bhaktapur

Bhagwati Temple

On the northwest corner of the Gaddhi Baithak, this triple-storey, triple-roofed temple is easily missed since it surmounts the building below it. The temple is actually part of the Hanuman Dhoka palace courtyard. L…
Hindu Temple in Bhaktapur

Bhairabnath Temple

The broad-fronted, triple-roofed Bhairabnath Temple is dedicated to Bhairab, the fearsome incarnation of Shiva, whose consort occupies the Nyatapola Temple across the square. The temple was damaged but not destroyed…
Monument in Bhaktapur

Chyasilin Mandap

The octagonal pavilion known as Chyasilin Mandap was created in 1990 using components from a temple that was destroyed in the 1934 earthquake; sadly, it collapsed in the 2015 earthquake.
Hindu Temple in Bhaktapur

Erotic Elephants Temple

Outside the main Durbar Sq entrance gate is this little piece of architectural whimsy on the roof of the small Shiva Parvati Temple. Giving graphic representation to the lyric ‘birds do it, bees do it…’, the temple …
Monument in Bhaktapur

King Bhupatindra Malla’s Column

With hands folded in a prayer position, the bronze statue of King Bhupatindra Malla sits atop a column in front of the Vatsala Durga Temple. The statue was created in 1699 and it is now the only surviving royal pill…