Beyond the Valley attractions

Palace in Nuwakot

Saat Tale Durbar

The centrepiece of the village is the Saat Tale Durbar, a seven-storey fortress built in 1762 by Prithvi Narayan Shah as his family palace after taking the town. The town served as Nepal’s capital until Shah conquer…
Hindu Temple in Nuwakot

Taleju Temple

The Taleju Temple is Durbar Sq’s most magnificent temple, but is not open to the public. Even for Hindus admission is restricted; they can only visit it briefly during the annual Dasain and Sinduri Jatra festivals. …
Hindu Temple in Nuwakot

Bhairabi Temple

At the far end of the village, and with impressive valley views, is the golden-roofed Bhairabi Temple. It's used for animal sacrifices during the annual Sinduri Jatra festival, when the small statue is carried in a …