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Farm in Bandipur

Silkworm Farm

An offbeat choice, a visit to Silkworm Farm takes you through the fascinating process of how silk is produced. The farm comprises orchards of mulberry plants, which are grown for worm food – the worms themselves are…
Nepali in Bandipur

Ke Garne Café

The name of this cosy cafe (part of the Old Inn enterprise) means ‘What to do?’, so here are some suggestions for you: sip tea, munch on Nepali snacks, play giant chess on the cafe’s terrace, or head upstairs to the…
in Bandipur

Bandipur Café

A typical local restaurant on the square, serving a decent selection of Indian, Nepali and continental standards. You can check email for Rs 100 per hour.
in Bandipur

Hill Way Café

Every evening, Hill Way Café attracts couples keen to sit at the cloth-covered tables set out on the village square.
Hindu Temple in Bandipur

Thani Mai Temple

Perched atop Gurungche Hill, the main reason to climb up to Thani Mai is for its spectacular sunrise views. On a clear morning it has some of the most memorable 360-degree vistas in the country, with the Himalaya st…
Cave in Bandipur

Siddha Gufa

Making for a popular half-day trip, at 437m deep and 50m high, Siddha Gufa is said to be the largest cave in Nepal. Its cathedral-like chasm is full of twisted stalactites and stalagmites and hundreds of bats chirp …
Viewpoint in Bandipur


In centuries past, traders would gather on this man-made plateau to haggle for goods from India and Tibet before starting the long trek to Lhasa or the Indian plains. It was also a former parade ground for Gurkhas s…
Hindu Temple in Bandipur

Bindebasini Temple

At the northeast end of the bazaar (which is the main shopping strip) this ornate, two-tiered temple is dedicated to Durga. Its ancient walls are covered in carvings and a priest opens the doors each evening. Facing…
Hindu Temple in Bandipur

Khadga Devi Temple

A wide flight of stone steps leads up the hillside to this barn-like temple, which enshrines the sword of Mukunda Sen, the 16th-century king of Palpa (Tansen). Allegedly a gift from Shiva, the blade is revered as a …
Nepali in Bandipur

Hill’s Heaven

On the main strip, Hill’s Heaven is popular for its cheap beer and free wi-fi.