Best restaurants in Around the Kathmandu Valley

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Patan

    Newari Kitchen

    This excellent-value restaurant is a great place to start exploring Newari food. The set meals are a good choice, or combine a wo (lentil) or chatamari (rice) savoury pancake with the excellent pancha kwa (stew with bamboo shoots, potato and dried mushrooms) for a light lunch. The patrons are mostly local Newaris, so you know the food is good.

  • Restaurants in Bhaktapur

    No-Name Restaurant

    This nameless hole-in-the-wall consists of little more than a hot plate and a bucket of pancake mix, but it serves up delicious street food. The main item on the menu is wo (called bara in Nepali), a savoury lentil pancake. It can be served 'plain', two pancakes and a chickpea soup, or 'mixed' with eggs and meat.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Dhulikhel

    Himalayan Restaurant

    This restaurant at the Dhulikhel Lodge Resort is the only decent place to eat in downtown Dhulikhel, and it's good enough to attract people all the way from Kathmandu. If the weather allows, grab a seat by the railing and enjoy fantastic mountain views along with the Indian, Chinese and continental menu. Reservations essential on weekends.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Patan

    El Mediterraneo

    This local tapas bar feels surprisingly authentic thanks to the attentive owner, a Spanish-speaking Nepali who lived in Spain for several years. Dishes range from paella and risotto to chicken with pisto (tomato, peppers, onion and garlic sauce) and a particularly delicious gazpacho (available until the end of October).

  • Restaurants in Panauti

    Café Lampati

    Hidden under the roof of a former temple outbuilding, this restaurant-bar shines like a lighthouse in the fog. It's the perfect stop for lunch while wandering the Old Bazaar. Even better, there is a selection of Nepali whisky, a cultural experience of another kind.

  • Restaurants in Patan

    Café du Temple

    A tour-group favourite at the north end of Durbar Sq. The airy rooftop tables are covered by red-and-white sun umbrellas and the menu runs from Chinese fried rice to daal bhaat (traditional Nepali dish of rice and vegetables), via chicken stroganoff. The nearby sister restaurant Casa Pagoda runs a similar menu.

  • Restaurants in Patan

    Patan Museum Café

    In the rear courtyard of the Patan Museum, this pleasant open-air place is a good spot to take a break from museum and temple-gazing. The garden setting feels elegant and refined, though the service can suffer during the lunchtime group rush. You don’t need to buy a museum ticket to eat at the cafe. Tables can be reserved.

  • Restaurants in Kirtipur

    View Point Restaurant

    Tasty Newari and Tibetan food, cheap beer and fantastic views make this a great stopover. Its rooftop is the prime viewing area, looking out to mountains ahead or Uma Maheshwar Temple to the side, and its set lunch plates, which come with several different curries, are a crash course in Newari cuisine.

  • Restaurants in Bhaktapur

    Peaceful Restaurant

    This delightful restaurant occupies two courtyards behind the souvenir shops on the south side of Tachupal Tole. Duck your head and wander through to the second shady, peaceful courtyard. The menu covers Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese and Nepali dishes, and it is rather well done. Shame the beer is a bit expensive. Taxes included.

  • Restaurants in Kirtipur

    Newa Lahani Restaurant

    Housed inside the underwhelming Newa Cultural Museum is this authentic Newari cuisine restaurant. Sitting is at ground level on mats, and utensils are provided. Meals consist of seasonal pulses and vegetables and are usually accompanied by beaten rice. Traditional cooking implements grace the walls as part of the museum display.

  • Restaurants in Nagarkot

    Café du Mont

    Open to nonguests, the restaurant at the Peaceful Cottage hotel is housed inside its octagonal tower and has an eclectic menu of local, Chinese, Indian and continental dishes served with a big dollop of mountain-view love. Try the fresh Sagarmatha coffee in the new bakery.

  • Restaurants in Patan

    Bricks Cafe

    This converted century-old traditional house is a great place to take a break from shopping at the nearby interior design shops of Kupondol. You can relax in the peaceful courtyard, and the food, from wood-fired pizzas and sekuwa (barbecued meat) to salads and burgers, is excellent. Good coffee too.

  • Restaurants in Bhaktapur

    Mayur Restaurant

    Mayur is an atmospheric place to refuel – dine on tables in a sunken courtyard, surrounded by carved windows and, possibly, in the company of woodcarvers. Soup of the day, fresh momos, curries, pad Thai or Nepali set meals are all good, as are the cakes from the Himalayan Bakery and the espresso coffee.

  • Restaurants in Patan

    Sing Ma Food Court

    For the authentic tastes of Malaysia, head to this busy food court south of Pulchowk. The noodle soups, nasi lemak (coconut rice with anchovies) and beef rendang (dry coconut curry with lime leaves) are the real mamak (Malay Tamil) deal. It also does a surprisingly good cheesecake.

  • Restaurants in Patan

    Si Taleju Restaurant & Bar

    A narrow, towering place with four floors, each with a different feel. Best is the top-floor dining room with magical views north across Durbar Sq to the mountains beyond. You’ll find all your favourites (momos, burgers, noodles, pasta, curries) on the menu.

  • Restaurants in Bhaktapur

    New Café Nyatapola

    Occupying prime real estate in Taumadhi Tole, this landmark cafe is touristy and pricey. But what a setting! Tables are arranged on the balconies of a historic pagoda temple – there are even erotic carvings on the roof struts. The menu comprises the usual Nepali, Chinese and continental standards.

  • Restaurants in Patan

    Dhokaima Café

    A sophisticated cafe set inside a Rana-era storehouse by the Patan Dhoka gateway. Shaded by a sprawling walnut tree, the courtyard garden is a peaceful place to enjoy a good range of light and healthy dishes, such as organic salads, momos or a sandwich and soup combo, plus good coffee and cakes.

  • Restaurants in Patan

    Café de Patan

    Southwest of Durbar Sq behind a small Uma Maheshwar Temple, this quiet place is a long-running travellers’ favourite, with an open-air courtyard and a rooftop garden (though no views). The menu runs to momos, Chinese and Italian, plus numerous Newari dishes including set meals.

  • Restaurants in Bhaktapur

    New Watshala Garden Restaurant

    Set in a pot-plant-filled courtyard behind the Shiva Guest House, this place offers a genuine retreat from the Durbar Sq crowds, even if the food is tour-group bland. Sit back with a cold Nepali or Belgian beer and gently exhale…

  • Restaurants in Bhaktapur

    New Café dé Peacock

    Tachupal Tole’s answer to New Café Nyatapola in a wood-fronted former priest's house on the north side of the square is certainly atmospheric, with great views over the square. The food is decent enough and the beer is cold.