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The 10km road from the Kathmandu Ring Rd forks in the middle of Godavari – the left fork goes to the botanical gardens while the right fork climbs past the Naudhara Kunda temple and turns into a dirt track running up to Pulchowki Mountain.

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Godavari to Fulchoki Day Hike Near Kathmandu

The Godavari to Fulchoki Day Hike is one of the finest one-day treks you can experience in the Kathmandu area. The hike begins after a one hour trip from Kathmandu as you leave the hustle of city life behind. The Godavari is known for its gardens and jungle. From here, your guide will take you on an amazing journey up to the top of Fulchoki. It is a four hour trip to the top as you wind your way through the jungle. This is a popular area for birdwatchers from around the world as the Kathmandu Valley is a major flyover for migratory birds from Siberia. Along the way, you will have many vistas to observe the beauty of the Himalayas. After four hours, arrive at the top where you will enjoy a picnic lunch with your guide. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas in all directions. After lunch, it’s a two-hour trip back to where you pick up your vehicle for your return trip back to Kathmandu. The journey back is around an hour as you go from farmlands and jungle back into the city. The Godavari to Fulchoki Day Hike is a world unto itself. The views are spectacular, the jungle is a quiet full of nature’s harmony as you listen to the wind blow through the trees as well as hear the singing of the birds. The Godavari to Fulchoki Day Hike will make you feel like you are a million miles from civilization as this place has yet to become popular with the masses. Avoid the crowds as you travel with us for a wonderful getaway from the city life of Kathmandu. It takes approx 9 hrs in total and tour start at 8 am and return at 5 pm at the hotel.

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Private Tour of Godawari Botanical Garden Including Lunch

Located at the base of Phulchowki Mountain, Godavari Botanical Garden offers visitors a respite from the energetic walks of the Kathmandu Valley and the chance to stroll leisurely around the mainly open parkland habitat; home to several fast-flowing streams.Itinerary:10:30 AM: After pickup at your Kathmandu hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle, head with your private guide to the Godawari Botanical Garden.11:15 AM: Arrive at Godawari Botanical Garden. The garden now holds over 500 species of plant in 82 hectares. Highlights include the decorative Coronation Pond, visitor centre (with interesting exhibits on Nepal's flora), greenhouses, and collections of rhododendrons (Nepal's national flower), lilies, orchids, cacti and ferns. Spring and autumn are the peak flowering seasons and therefore the best times to visit.The Godavari Spring, found 200 metres from the Botanical Gardens' main gate, is also well worth a look. This freshwater spring spouting ice-cold water from the Godavari river is reputed to have been created when the Buddhist Mystic Padmasambhava struck a rock (in order to demonstrate that the ultimate truth is clear and will fulfill the people's thirst); unsurprisingly, the Spring is a popular Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage site.2:30 PM: Lunch and back to hotel.