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Patan is one of  three medieval Malla principalities, In the medieval times, these three principalities maintained a very fierce rivalry and fought several wars against each other. They also competed with one another in the building of temples, palaces as well as the development of arts and architectures. Many of these creations still exist with all their charm and glory and have been listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. You will visit the temples, palaces, stupas and monasteries and traditional Newari villages, Bungamati and Khokana.Highlights • Visit the Durbar Square of Patan. • Stroll around the traditional Newari village of Bungamati and Khokana. • Discover the ingenuity of Newari cuisine. • Visit local people and cultural villages, Hindu and Buddhist temples    
Patan, Bungamati and KhokanaThe locals call Patan “Lalitpur” which means City of Beauty and also its original Sanskrit name while its Newari name is Yala. Patan is one of beautiful cities known for its amazing handicrafts and arts therefore rightly called the city of Arts! Patan is situated in Lalitpur district only about 5 km away from the capital city, Kathmandu. Long time ago, Patan used to be an independent kingdom of the Kathmandu Valley. Patan is one of beautiful cities known for its amazing handicrafts and arts therefore rightly called the city of Arts! Patan is definitely one amazing city and not to be missed. The tourists know Patan for its ancient Durbar Square, its surrounding busy streets, the Patan Kumari, along stone and metal workings, handicrafts and temples. Since Patan is a melting pot of two influential religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, this city is therefore dotted with full of religious art, temples, and monasteries all around. It has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its outstanding architecture.Both Bungamati and Khokana are small and traditional Newari villages. The villages are situated about 10km away from Kathmandu in Lalitpur district. These villages are perfect if you want to get familiar with Newari tradition, people and their lifestyle. In spite of this ever growing modernization, Bungamati and khokana still remain old fashioned. People here are much unsophisticated, live in a simple house and lead a very simple life. People from these villages are occupied in agriculture.Bungamati is also renowned for Rato Machhendranath temple resided by the famous divinity called Rato Machhendranath. Bungamati is supposed to be birthplace of Rato Machhendranath. The divinity is kept here at Bungamati for the period of six months and for another six months; the divinity is kept at Patan. There is another Rato Machhendranath temple in Patan also. The process of bringing back and forth is executed by a huge celebration. When the festival is held, during this time, the divinity is taken in hand-made chariot being pulled manually by the local volunteers. Bungamati is also renowned for elaborated carving designs in stones or in woods and therefore. Both males and females are actively involved in it and have been passed down from generations.At khokana, the most renowned thing is the Karyabinayak temple dedicated to Hindu god Ganesha. This is considered to be a very scared. People from all over come here to worship and seek blessing prior to any auspicious events. Also Khokana is famous for picnics as there is a beautiful picnic spot located nearby. Another not to be missed out thing at khokana is mustard oil. This place is very famous for getting one of the best and pure mustard oil. Like Bungamati, Khokana too is renowned for elaborated carving designs in stones or in woods; consequently, here too are many craft workshops and showrooms around village.

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  • Hotel Pick up and drop-off
  • Bottled water

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