2 Days Nagarkot Trekking in Kathmandu Nepal

Tours & Sightseeing in Sankhu

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Today  Kathmandu Hiking at its finest. Today magnificent Trekking in Kathmandu Nepal features a brilliant sunset and sunrise from Nagarkot hill before going to the ancient UNESCO World Heritage site of Changu Narayan.The Magnificent  Trekking in Kathmandu Nepal , starts in the picturesque Valley village of Sankhu as you trek to the top of Nagarkot hill to enjoy a fabulous sunset over the Himalayas. Rise early the next morning for a brilliant sunrise before making a leisurely trek to the ancient Kathmandu Valley village of Changu Narayan.Changu Narayan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the oldest Hindu temple in the Kathmandu Valley. It’s history dates to the time of Lichhavi Dynasty that ruled the Kathmandu Valley nearly a thousand years ago.No other Kathmandu Valley Trekking trip is as enjoyable as the Magnificent Sunrise/Sunset Tour. Book with Himalayan Advisor today!
DAY 1 – HIKE TO TOP OF NAGARKOT HILL (elev. 2175 m/7,136 ft.)The Magnificent Sunrise/Sunset 2 Day Hiking Tour starts after breakfast when your private car and guide picks you up at your hotel and takes you on a one hour journey to Sankhu village. The journey leaves behind the noise and traffic of Kathmandu. Soon you will be passing by farms in the rich farmland of the Kathmandu Valley.From Sankhu, it is a nice leisurely uphill walk to the summit of Nagarkot. It takes around 3 – 4 hours to walk uphill, passing interesting temples and farms.  the Kathmandu Valley appears below you as you start to see the snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas. After your uphill hike, check into your hotel.Don’t go to sleep! It will soon be time for sunset over the snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas. From on top of Nagarkot, you can see the entire ranges of Nepal, stretching from Mt. Everest in the east to Mt. Dhaualgiri (7th highest peak) in the west.   DAY 2 – HIKE TO CHANGU NARAYAN (elev. 1500 m/4,921 ft.)Rise early to witness a magnificent sunrise over the Himalayas. Nagarkot Hill is well known for its amazing sunrises and sunsets. The first rays of the rising sun come over Mt. Everest in the east and turn the snowcapped peaks red. As the sun rises, the snows turn to a brilliant, blinding white as they contrast with the brilliantly blue skies above. After breakfast, begin a leisurely hike to the ancient village of Changu Narayan. This village is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to the oldest Hindu temple in the Kathmandu Valley. Dedicated to the god Vishnu, the temple was created as one of the four protection points of the Kathmandu Valley.Changu Narayan has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its entirety. The streets are composed of ancient flagstones. There are deep taps where the women come to do laundry and get their daily water. In addition, you can see craftsmen doing traditional crafts as they have done for hundreds of years.The journey to Changu Narayan from Nagarkot Hill is a pleasant, easy downhill hike. Pass through quaint little villages of various ethnicity as you look at their beautifully terraced farms. From the trail you can see not only the mighty peaks of the Himalayas, but also look down into the Kathmandu Valley.Once you’ve finished the two day hiking trip as well as touring Changu Narayan, you will return to Kathmandu.The Magnificent Sunrise/Sunset Two Day Hiking Tour is the finest in day hiking in the Kathmandu Valley, It combines culture as well as incredible scenic beauty. And there is no better place to see a sunrise or sunset over the Himalayas in the Kathmandu valley than from Nagarkot Hill.Book today with Himalayan Advisor for the Magnificent Sunrise/Sunset Two Day Hiking Tour. It’s the best Kathmandu two day hiking experience anywhere.

What’s included

  • Overnight lodging on Nagarkot Hill (standard hotel)
  • All meals on trek
  • English speaking guide
  • Transportation to starting point at Sankhu
  • Return from Changu Narayan
  • Admission Fee in Changu Narayan
  • Coffee and Tea

What’s not included

  • Beer, wine or alcoholic drinks
  • Soft Drinks
  • Mineral Water
  • Tips & Gratuities